What is Venmo Application? Venmo App Pros and Cons

Venmo is a lucrative and easy-to-use digital wallet that makes money transfer from allowed merchants safe. Besides this, Venmo is a social way of sending and receiving payments. With Venmo, setting up a payment transfer method feels like catching up. Venmo lets you transfer money to your friends and family and express yourself in every payment note. This allows your friends to know it is you.

With Venmo, you can also split the fun and necessities, and also send a gift to your loved one or ones.

Thinking of opening a business account with Venmo? No more worries. Start a business in your niche and start accepting payments through Venmo account. Payments via Venmo is safe, and therefore, there will be no issue with Venmo for your business.


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What are the Pros of using Venmo application?

  • With Venmo you can go cashless anywhere, anytime. Carrying cash in your wallet is a backdated process, nowadays. Become modern and accept payments via Venmo. It is a convenient way to transfer money, which is why 40 million users trusted this application. From the very number, you can understand how popular this app has become.
  • Another important benefit of using Venmo is that you can choose to have your Debit card. You can either use a debit card or drop the requirement. Users can opt for a debit card for free with retailers. Also, Venmo gives attractive cashback to users when they shop from certain retailers. The credit is then transferred to the user’s Venmo account.

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What are the Cons of using Venmo application?

Every good thing has a drawback, and so does Venmo. Here are the two of the most unacceptable drawbacks of using a Venmo account.

  • If users want to send money to a peer via Credit card, they have to pay a fee of 3%. The 3% amount is charged on the total amount the user is transferring to their friends.
  • Another drawback of using the Venmo app is that it charges a maximum of 10% and a minimum of 25 cents when you transfer a balance from Venmo to your bank account.

Venmo is your helping hand when you want to transfer money. So, use it to make safer and easier payments.

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