Setup Recurring Payments on Venmo

Venmo is a part of PayPal but their functions are very different from each other. Venmo is unlike other apps and does not allow setting recurring payments through the app. With Venmo each time you have to pay someone you’ll have to visit the app to make the transaction.

What are Recurring Payments on Venmo?


Venmo does not offer the option of setting recurring payments to date and this is one point where users find it different and often troublesome compared to other money transfer apps which allow the setting of recurring payments.

There is just one feature that allows users to function with a fewer number of steps and that is Venmo’s trust feature. It is not a feature that can auto-set payments but can help you in many ways. It helps in auto payment of recurring expenses but there is a little work you have to do from your side.

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How to set up recurring payments on Venmo?

Even though there is no way to set recurring payments with Venmo, yet people can use one of the processes mentioned below for the same. According to a Venmo user, he would have to use Venmo every month to send the same payment amount to the same three family members.

Now, if one can devise a script using Github, Telegram, and Python then there is a possibility to create a recurring payment.

The Python script can be used to send money to three people and the telegram sends messages after the successful delivery of the payment plus Github schedules the workflows to run automatically.

There is no easier way than this one for setting recurring payments on Venmo.

How to schedule Payments on Venmo?

There is however an auto-pay way with Venmo. It is a simple trust button where you add your friend into your trusted circle within the Venmo app. Once you do it paying your partial rent and all becomes easier.

The trust feature allows users to pay without asking for the credentials and the proofs again and again. So, the only benefit of adding people to the trust circle within Venmo is you won’t have to repeat all the steps again and again. You can simply omit a few validation steps each time you decide to send money to your friends, relatives, and family using Venmo.

 Venmo App FAQ

Can you set up recurring payments on Venmo?

One cannot set up recurring accounts on Venmo; there is no way you can do it.

Can you schedule monthly payments on Venmo?

Yes, by using the trust option, you can automate payments on Venmo and schedule your payments on Venmo to cover your monthly needs. All you have to do is, add all those you pay monthly into your trust group which is a closer friend circle in Venmo.

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